1. Journal > 75% of the quarter and track habits The main goal of Q1 is to get back to the cadence of starting my mornings more leisurely than jumping out of bed and into my phone and work. Each day before I walk into the office I want to know I have done something to better myself and my people via personal development or health
    • I was about 50% compliant with this. I found myself starting off the weeks really strong and by wednesday / thursday not finishing up the journal. Will continue this in Q2
  2. Stealth 250 and walk 100 miles on treadmill – I want to ensure i’m not just exercising but staying active all through the day at the standing desk where I can not be sedentary
    • Hit the 250 on stealth, will carry over to Q2. My core feels much stronger so I want to continue this habit. I had some foot problems so the treadmill one did not materialize
  3. Explore Broader EY – I have enjoyed my nearly two years in my corner of the firm and want to peek up at the larger organization especially from an innovation context to see what else I can get involved in.
    • Did this by exploring the Enterpreneur of the Year program as well as starting to have conversations with folks in the internal innovation functions. As a mentor told me big companies like this are huge candy stores and I want to explore more.
  4. Plan the next trip–  Nothing on the calendar as of yet, and that should change ASAP
    • Yes! Scheduled a trip to vegas which was a delight
  5. Track all my trackable food– I fell off this at EOY and want to get back on the horse of targeting and tracking what I put in my body
    • Good not great with this
  6. Pay taxes in Q1 – dont want to deal with extensions and having it looming over me.
    • Did this a month ahead of tax time. Woohoo

2023 Q1 Highlights

  • Wound down a challenging engagement and spent some time on the bench and got the opportunity to go back to a prior client who I enjoyed working with
  • Promotion at work to Manager became official
  • Had a memorable new years with some friends and their parents near central park
  • Surprised my girlfriend with her parents coming into town for her birthday
  • Sur la table and hudson table cooking class  
  • Guest on my sister’s first podcast episode
  • Started going to Physical therapy to strengthen my hip and feet