Ideas are everything

These are the ones I keep coming back to 


  1. Double the bounty for recycling bottles and cans – This would effectively double the income some of our most vulnerable citizens make and hopefully have an environmental impact. To prove this I would like to weigh sanitation costs against redemption revenue
  2. Universal healthcare to spur entrepreneurship – I have a theory that countries with universal or single payer healthcare start more businesses than ones that do not. Doesn’t mean correlation is causation but I’d like to weigh data from OECD to explore this more


  1. Calendar analytics – I spend a tremendous amount of time in my calendar. I would love to pay for a service that looks at all my calendar appointments and tells me where I can improve. Heavily dependent on logging all activities  
  2. Digital hygiene – Students have driver’s ed, sex ed and spend years learning disciplines that will have slim to no impact on their professional success. I have talked to many educators who tell me how bullying and poor digital skills hurt the development of their students. I envision an info product or course that teaches kids healthy digital habits at an early age. Targeted to bullying prevention, safety, digital literacy and online research and productivity. 
  3. Rideshare trip subsidies – Retail is dying and there will be a fight to get consumers into stores. Dan Reich has a great concept for Native Advertising that any of the rideshare companies could easily implement
  4. Move/travel assistant – nearly every time I have traveled one of my credit cards does not work because I forget to notify them. In 2020 I should be able to do this from one portal or dashboard. 


  1. bathroom hand dryer that sucks instead of blows – “hand dryers suck in fecal matter and blow it all over your hands” I wonder if using a vacuum and maybe UV light would provide for a more hygienic experience. 
  2. Bartender’s base” – Having planned and executed a variety of events these past few years I constantly found myself buying a variety of large bottles of mixers. I see an opportunity to build a bundle that includes fruit juice, soda, tonic, seltzer and water that is perfect for a small party. Could probably get more margin for the aggregation of it all into a 12 pack. 
  3. Set of cards for all the holidays in a year + birthday, condolences and blank ones – 100% stolen from this guy on twitter
  4. Trash/recycling can with barcode scanner – Likely in the kitchen and you’d need to scan before throwing things away but it would automatically populate to a grocery or shopping list. 
  5. Frying pan with a trap door – everytime I scoop something out of a pan I think there has to be a better way. Would require heavy engineering but imaging if you could pull a trap door and drop the food onto your plate. 
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