1. First close on Scrappy Capital Fund 1 – incorporated but corona significantly impacted this timeline

  2. Lose 13 pounds, Intermittent fast for 30+ days, one 3 day water fast – 2 of 3 ain’t bad. Was very good with intermittent fasting and want to be more diligence with logging all the food I eat in the next quarter. Water fast will be an experience but maybe save for a post Covid world

  3. Finish Mikesmith.me finally launched an update that was probably a year overdue. I need to add more content but I think it is finally in a good place. 

  4. Test rev share advisory engagementhave not made money yet but the work is being done. I would expect both engagements to begin monetizing in the next quarter

  5. Draft Gifting and one more sell sheet  – WAYYY more work than i realized. Will take a few months 

  6. No Twitter and Instagram Jan 1-15 and Jan 15th unfollow all accounts – yes and was very good. I want to take first few days off each month of social media. It is a great tool but sometimes pulls me away from doing more important things.