Goal Recap 10/30

  1. Fully onboard to Applico – For the first time in ever I am enjoying being “traditionally” employed. Short of asking for an NPS score, I’m not sure what a trackable metric looks like here beyond my boss and team being happy with my performance at end of year.
    • no trackable metric but certainly feel that I have onboarded effectively and excited for the future at the company
  2. Run 100 miles across OrangeTheory and Treadmill – part of a larger goal to run 500 miles by my 30th birthday
    • 72.9. Running 500 miles is no longer a priority given the amount of time it will take and that focusing on my diet is a stronger lever to reach my weight goals 
  3. Finish redesign and evergreen content for Mikesmith.me
    • Failure. Bumped to 2020. 
  4. One new affiliate customer for FOMO AND ConvertKit – Longer term goal is to have my student loan payments paid by “passive”income and I need a baby step in that direction
    • One CK customer
  5. Publish “Hiring is broken” blog post


  • My grandfather passed away on October 21st which was terribly sad but not tragic. We should all be so lucky to live that long. You can see my eulogy here.  
  • Million Dollar Consulting day seminar and exploring/visiting Boston 
  • Fully onboard to Applico and attend my first ever corporate holiday party
  • Finally take my first Museum Hack tour. I feel like such a bad entrepreneur when I don’t drink the champagne.