Securing a notable celebrity endorsement can cost tens of millions of dollars. Even “minor league” celebs can pull in strong six figures just from endorsement. Here’s a list of 10 highest paid recent endorsements.

While influencer marketing gets a lot of flak it’s proven to be a highly effective form of marketing. A recent Nielsen study showed an 11x ROI on Influencer spend.

Unfortunately for most brands, especially upstarts, this is way out of their budget.

A trend I’m noticing lately is the inanimate endorsement.

A few examples:

Oreo – Milk’s Favorite Cookie


Honey Nut Cheerios – America’s Favorite Cereal


Kix – Kid tested, Mother approved

The beauty here is leveraging something with a strong connotation (ex. Mom or America) to position the brand in the consumer’s mind.

Would love to hear other examples of this