My dream portfolio in 2019

Each of the past few years I’ve made a list

In 2018 and 2017 I wrote down what my dream venture portfolio would be, assuming I had the capital and they’d take my money.

Updates since the last post:

  • All companies are still alive and most are thriving.
  • Clearfactr was acquired by Goldman Sachs
  • Upgraded was acquired by Ticketmaster
  • Lambda School raised a mega-round and is disrupting education


Bedrock Ocean Exploration: I have been an Anthony DiMare fan since we both went through the same accelerator program with our companies back in 2013. – met the founder of Kloke when he was my Uber driver in the fall and instantly knew that he is a star. an industry veteran with deep expertise solving a problem he is knowledgeable about.

Evamore – booking tool shaping up the music and entertainment industry