2023 Q4

  1. App Limits and Life Savers – I have started the habit of checking my screentime every sunday and most of the time the number disgusts me. This makes me play defense instead of offense which needs to change
  1. Default to keeping my phone away from me in the apartment – Will keep with my keys away from me most of the time
  1. Stealth 350 – I feel my core getting stronger. 350 would be about 120 per month and 4 per day which is a very reasonable target. THe new rule of thumb is i do one after every business meeting
  1. Log most food into macro factor – Down 2lbs to start the quarter and want to keep the momentum going and get ready for my wedding body
  1. Something for myself before work – I need to carve out more time for myself in the AM. Lately I am getting up shortly before my first meeting and that’s never a winning day
  1. Publish things i learned in EMS post – Draft is half done.
  1. Draft EY thought leadership post – One of my new business goals is to get a profile on EY.com. I will draft a blog post with a few of my colleagues
  1. Finish hip opening course + one more course from other app – I felt better when I stretch consistently and learned that we lose 3-4% of strength every year after 40 and I need to get ahead of that
  1. Vibe Checks – my fiancee and I are starting to explore new cities. We love our area but worry we will be priced out in a year or so and are considering different paces of life
  1.  Finalize Wedding Invite List – what a stressful game of nonsense. We are probably 80% of the way to making the list.