I want to narrow my focus this quarter


I’m scheduled for surgery this quarter and it is certainly going to slow me down both physically and metaphorically. Thankfully I have the ability to take medical leave at work which makes me feel incredibly fortunate. I’ve been known to take things too fast and I want to give myself ample time to recover. This will likely mean weeks away from a computer screen and a slow down to most of the things I am chasing. If I don’t dedicate time to this recovery this will continue to nag me. No real metric to track other than do i feel better than I currently do on Jan 1st.

  • Recap: What a whirlwind. Definitely feel better than I did October 1 but somehow am still dealing with the dumpster fire that is paying medical bills. Here’s a thread of my surgery and recovery experience.  Super grateful that I had my girlfriend, roommate and parents help me as I was an invalid for a week or so. Also what a blessing from EY that I was able to go on short-term leave and focus on recovery; I genuinely did not receive a single message about anything work related during my time out. That says a lot about the firm. I would say at this moment in time I am 85-90% recovered as I still have aches and pains and scarring but I am mostly on the right path and back to my normal life. 

Tracking spreadsheet

Last quarter I made a spreadsheet of habits I wanted to track and i totally abandoned it. Despite nobody reading this blog I think publishing the spreadsheet held me back a bit. I want to track things like meditation, tracking food, journaling and a few other things but gonna keep the tracking effort private.

  • Recap: I did this for a few days and then surgery took me off my routine which I am going to make a focus point for 2022 Q1