I want to focus more on habits and processes and less on the personal and professional dichotomy. Strong habits and foundations will ripple over that imaginary line in the sand.

30+ days during the workweek with progress before walking into the office

Often I get up only a few minutes before my first meeting in the morning and I want to make more space to have a more intentional morning and start to my day off on the right foot. This will become increasingly important as remote work takes over the world.  I want to make progress on a personal goal before signing in during the work week. This can include fitness, reading, writing, personal development or anything that moves my life forward.

55+ days journaling

I used to have a healthy habit of bookending my day with journaling and want to get back to that. I dislike writing things by hand but love catching memories. It often takes me 5-10 minutes and is a delightful breather or moment to review

55+ days meditation

I live a pretty fast paced life and a few of  my close friends continually nudge me to get deeper into meditation. The longest streak I’ve had is 5 days and I remember a noticeable improvement in my psyche

55+ days no social media until noon

Social media has been a huge boon to my personal and professional life but I am not being intentional about it. I find myself sucked into a Twitter or Instagram hole when I find myself with a few spare minutes and that is far from a healthy habit. When I am in my apartment I have an orange handheld counter that I will try to track each time I grab for my phone

1000+ stealth attempts

I bought this toy for my basement during quarantine and have fallen off. Going to an OTF class takes 90 minutes which is a big chunk of time. I can easily squeeze a workout in during lunch or before or after work. ~15 per day

Draft hiring is broken blog post

This always falls to the back burner due to other things but I need to make an effort here to invest time. Every single person I know who writes publicly either personally or professionally has seen benefits independent of how much exposure it gets. One blog post is very reaslisitc

I’ll use this spreadsheet to track