Complete 45 Orange Theory Classes

I am so happy that I reactivated my Orange Theory fitness membership. While I was certainly active during the pandemic I missed the thrill of an in-person training session or class. Thanks to their stellar cleaning and safety regimen I felt comfortable going back at the middle of the last month and I am so happy that I did.

Continue logging food I eat

Last quarter I was really on top of this and want to continue this into the spring and beyond. I’ve established a habit of writing out a meal plan for the week. I’m more interested in eating healthy and less interested in following a specific diet or fad. I want to have a loose goal of hitting 30g fiber and 200g protein per day.

Publish “Hiring is Broken” blog post

I’ve self-employed, unemployed, W-2 employed, 10-99 “employed” and for a time invested in recruitment technology as well as have had multiple career coaches as clients. I’m really interested in where hiring and talent acquisition are going and want to put down some thoughts.

Hit 17% body fat

I’ve had the somewhat vain goal of a flat stomach or visible abs for a while now and feel closer than ever. This would mean dropping 1% per month which feels achievable given the pace I’m on.


Onboard to EY

I am so elated for this chapter in my professional career. EY is one of the leading professional services firms and has a view of the marketplace unlike any other. I chose EY as it has a good balance of both high standards and vision as well as respect for work life balance.  At the time of writing, I am one week into onboarding and am consistently impressed with the depth and breadth of the firm. My one-year goal is to make an impact in every department of the business: recruiting, sales, marketing, client service, innovation and of course operations. It is hard to have a SMART goal around this but being solely focused on one thing has served me well in the past.