[Updated 7/2/19 ]


Lose 1.5% body fat –  exactly 1.5%

Complete morning routine 60 times – didn’t do this. got in the habit of getting up an running straight to the gym. want a little more space between waking up and obligations to install a mourning routing 

One 3+ minute standup comedy set – Did 5 mins at an open mic in June. You can see my set here.

Complete 75 exercise sessions including Family First Fitness challenge – gave up on F3 in favor of Orange Theory Fitness as I like having a trainer and people around me. 

Nevermore than 30 minutes of time unaccounted for on the calendar – this was hugely impactful on my productivity. even when I wasn’t being productive I made myself log the activity so I can see how much I was getting off task


25 FOMO affiliate prospects – only did 5 as it kept falling behind things that made me money.  Success here is a volume game so I will do a campaign to a set of leads in Q3

Review all LinkedIn and Twitter connections and reengage relevant people – reconnected with a bunch of great people. want to make this a recurring habit 

complete two online courses  –  nope. got 15% through one and didn’t make it a priority

Install and update website to including services page 

Never more than 30 minutes of time unaccounted for on calendar 

Three blog posts (not including goals and recaps) + writing about underutilized marketing and bad business models –