$250 NEW affiliate MRR – didn’t give this the focus it needed but going to kick this over to next quarter as it is still a priority for me.

Finalize 1 LP commit – don’t have ink to paper but definitely made strides towards this goal

30 job applications – got to about 20 but don’t believe # of applications is a great proxy as all of my professional opportunities have come from networking not formal applications

Guest lecture in class (or scheduled by end of Q1) – speaking in my friend’s HS class in May on “$0 businesses” that will overview low hanging money making opportunities high schoolers can pursue today

Push Website Updates and rebrand – didn’t even touch this. not a high priority compared to other things on my desk.


1 3+ min Standup Comedy set – have enough material for three minutes and a location near my home. Will be done in Q2

60 exercise classes – 66 classes including Crossfit, HIIT, OrangeTheory, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Spin, Barre, Bootcamp, Rock Climbing, Yoga and more

Log 60+ days fully in calendar – 74 days. was very focused on logging how I spend all my time and it is something I will continue

Journal 60+ days – have three journals that I have been using each for a different purpose.

  • Productivity Planner – This one is action oriented. Each day asks what the most important task of the day is. I like that it forces me to focus down and prioritize. I know that if I do the most important task each day I’ll be successful. I try to reconcile the journal before dinner and check what I’ve done as well as make plans for tomorrow. Especially working from home it creates separation between work and fun.
  • Daily Stoic Journal – This one is more soft and emotional. Asks me stoic questions each day about where my life is going. Almost nothing to do with productivity but gives me important perspective.
  • Q&A a day 5 Year Journal – This is just fun. Asks a random question each day and it is my second year doing it so I see how my answers compared to from last year.

Recap Notes

With these goals I kind of did “set it and forget” meaning that I wrote them start of the month and didn’t continually come back to them. Out of sign out of mind. For quarter 2 i’m going to make a habit to come back to the list of goals every sunday. Now just to think about Q2.