Plan a big trip. – Ideally, International with bonus points for figuring out how to work at a new location.

We planned a big trip but it got interrupted by a funeral. But have already rescheduled a mini trip

100 stealth attempts – my core is stronger and I joined Nick Gray’s ab group

Didn’t do this but committed to do this next quarter

Social media 3x per day – I’m giving myself three lifesavers to start the day and if I don’t have enough time for a life saver I don’t have enough time for social media

Did this for a couple of days but fell off

Finish half of productivity planner journal

Did this!

Make meat a treat – I’m eating too much meat unnecessarily and want to have more of a plant based diet. It shouldn’t be an everyday thing

Good not great in this department

Scout real estate investments

started to

Hype house progress – something I’m not yet public with but want to discuss with a friend.

Tried it and decided it was low priority vs lift to get it working

File taxes – before deadlines

Nearly complete

Streaming sales review

Work in progress