Let’s see how I help up against my 2017 goals:

Be happier, it’s harder but better (h/t Dylan Gans)
  • I tend to be a pretty negative person. hard to quantify this but I’m trying to see the opportunities in things and not just the negatives.
    • While not quantifiable or falsifiable I definitely made headway in this area. Tried meditation for a bit but don’t think it is my sort of thing. Have picked up journaling and plan on continuing this into 2018
Get a job in VC or VC adjacent using VC related skills
  • Has been on my career list for as long as I can remember. Hopefully pairing down my goals can allow me to focus on this.
    • Again we’ll go with yellow. Talent Tech Labs was VC adjacent but not a true investing role. I have realized that VC is not my single north star and there are a variety of roles that interest me.
Draft of my book, prospecting domination
  • I have the outline for the book in my head but just need to put it on paper
    • Failed. Did not take this beyond outline status. Did not track. Did not calendar at all. I really would like to write a book about prospecting. Think I’ll reevaluate during Q2 2018. This doesn’t need to be a book book. I have 20-30 prospecting strategies that could be a few dozen pages.
Be under 25% body fat
  • Pretty straight forward: be less fat.
    • I ended the year at ~26% fat. It 25% in September but added a bit of my weight back for the holiday season. Even though I didn’t hit the 25% number I lost a tremendous amount of weight. Started the year at ~250 and 31%. Would like to drop another 6% in 2018
Find bae (girlfriend for you old folks)
  • dating has been a sore spot for me for a while. By stabilizing my income and move into the city I’m planning on focusing on this more
    • Well I didn’t find the “one” but I think 2017 was a good year for me with respect to dating. Will continue to focus on this in 2018
Finish one online course per month
  • I have a backlog of courses I need to work through. One a month seems attainable.
    • Failed. I get a little wantrepreneur sometimes with online courses. So easy to buy. So hard to take the time to sit and learn and force the information into your brain.
Blog once a month
  • I’ve got a document full of blog posts that I’d like to create.
    • Nowhere near a blog post a month but I did spend a lot of time redoing my website. I still struggle a bit with imposter syndrome but the more I publish the less I worry.
Grow a new revenue stream. Bonus points for passive
  • Currently I make like $30/ month from Affiliate sales of Convertkit. Would like to bump that to 100 over 2017.
    • I didn’t invest as much time into affiliate sales I would have liked but I still crossed the $100 a month threshold. I still feel that affiliate sales is a bit slimy and I don’t know why. I genuinely believe Convertkit is a valuable platform but I struggle to focus on the sales of it.