Some readers of our blog may be familiar with the term “full stack developer”. For those who are not let us use the following definition as a jumping off point:

Full stack generally refers to engineers doing both server side (back end) and web (Front end) work” – Robert Greene, Technical recruiter at Elasticsearch.

We could get into APIs, hosting environment and other words that I don’t understand but it makes little sense to complicate an already convoluted world. In my opinion the line between the “front” and the “back” is very simple to draw. The front end of any website, application or experience is anything and everything you can see and interact with. Conversely the back end is everything and anything you can’t see.

Google Trends shows that in the last year alone the interest for full stack developers has experienced the much sought after hockey stick growth. So it seems that an ideal developer is one who can build both the foundation and the creatives on top. It stands to reason that if they are able to build the entire project that their work will be better than chopping up the job into multiple pieces and contractors.

I propose that we take the same full stack concept and apply it to entrepreneurship. So here is my definition:

Full stack entrepreneur (noun): an entrepreneur who is focused equally on pursuing their dreams and supporting others with their personal pursuits.

The application here is fairly simple. Do you work out of a co-working space? Spend some time helping the space flourish. Perhaps you’ve received funding from a VC or private investor? Take some time to help other portfolio companies with their goals. Maybe you attribute your successes to a strong education from a leading university? Strive to create the same opportunities for those who come after you. The list can go on and on but the point is help those who support you.

It should also be noted that this full stack mentality can make you feel happier than just working on your own goals. A recent Harvard study suggested that “regardless of income, those people who spent money on others reported greater happiness”.

So take five minutes from your day and support those have supported you; I promise it will be worth your time.